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The Lanark Highlands Youth Centre Inc. currently services over 200 youth annually, residing in and surrounding Lanark County. Furthermore, we receive over 2000 visits from youth per year who are in need of our programs and services. 


It has become increasingly difficult to acquire and secure funding to address the basic needs of the youth we serve. Things like nutritious snacks and meals, adequate clothing and appropriate hygiene products have all been greatly impacted by inflation leaving youth and families struggling and turning to organizations like us to help. 


With increased need, and strict annual budgets, we are finding it difficult to manage these ongoing requests and have turned to our communities to help us continue to sponsor youth seeking support through our services. Below, you will find our tired sponsorship system to help you determine how you would like to sponsor our youth! 


  • Sponsor a family dinner every 6 weeks $5-$20 per month 

  • Sponsor meals for one youth at the LHYC for a month $30 per month (minimum 8 meals) 

  • Sponsor one youth in program at the LHYC for a month (average 13 structured programs per month $10 per program) $130 per month

  • Sponsor one youth hygiene kit per month (minimum 15 items, average is $3.50 per item) $52 per month 

  • Sponsor one youth in need of basic clothing (off brand shoes, underwear, socks and two full outfits, average is $12 per item - min. 9 items) $110 per youth. 

  • Sponsor a youth to attend a field trip with the LHYC $50 per youth ($25 for bus and $25 admission) 

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