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For Home & Share with Friends! 

LHYC Staff want to make materials as accessible as possible to youth, parents and beyond! We recognize that now more than ever, it is vital for us to make our tools available to you in a safe and convenient way! 

Was there something cool you learned that you want to share?

A presentation that really helped you through something?

Or maybe you are stuck at home and you're looking for something new to learn! Either way, have a look at our materials library and explore past, present and future tools both in and out of our centre! 

Click on a circle below to select the program materials you would like to access. If there are materials missing that you would like access to, let us know! 

  • Substance Use with Lori

  • Cyber Bullying with Lori

  • Basic Pet Care with Rayna

  • Understanding Positive Space Acronyms at LHYC


Download our Resource Posters!

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